Expectations for the resumption of the first charter flight from Japan to India are also expected at 10:01 on August 6

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, most of the international flights have stopped, and the first specially chartered flight from Japan arrives in India, which is expected as a move toward the resumption of business traffic.

In India, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, all international passenger flights, except temporary flights, will not be able to arrive or depart at airports across the country from this March. For this reason, businessmen from Japan could not be dispatched to India, which was a problem.

The charter flight was first operated by a business and industry association made up of about 450 Japanese companies operating in India with special permission from the Indian government, and about 170 people from Haneda arrived at the international airport in New Delhi on the evening of the 5th. ..

Of these, Yuko Nose, who manages an accounting firm that returned to India for the first time in about six months, said, “I am relieved to be able to return even though I was worried about the spread of the infection in India. I hope that corporate activities will resume."

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to continue operating charter flights from Japan while paying attention to the spread of infection in India, and the government of India is struggling to prevent the spread of infection and balance its economic activities. It is expected as a move toward resumption.