In Rinkeby, Sweden, police officers can be sent to work surrounded by a police convoy.

Dagens Nyheter says a new police station has recently been built in Rinkeby, and as police and police vehicles have been attacked in Rinkeby over the years, the police convoy wants to make sure employees feel safe.

Rinkeby is one of the districts in Stockholm. More than 90 percent of the area’s residents have an immigrant background.

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As early as 2016, the newspaper reports that several police officers were hesitant to start working in the new police station, as police fear that they will be monitored from work at home or that car tires will be punctured.

During the autumn, the police station will have an extra evening patrol on site in the evenings, if necessary, to secure the “co-operation of colleagues to work and home”. According to Dagens Nyheter, it is not a matter of transporting the workers home, but the police convoy will, if necessary, ensure that the staff working in the evenings can get home safely.

There have been various unrest in Rinkeby in the 2010s, with young people throwing rocks, lighting fires and attacking the police station, among other things. In riots that erupted in early 2017, a group of young people, for example, burned cars, robbed shops and stoned the police.

According to SVT, the construction of the police station, which the locals coveted, was initially delayed because no construction company wanted to take on the job for safety reasons.

The fire department turned off burning cars in the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm in May 2013.

Photo: © Scanpix Sweden / Reuters

Frida Nordlöf, the police chief in the area, said she was happy to be able to move to work in Rinkebyhy. Nordlöf has worked in the area for ten years, and he says the situation in Rinkeby has calmed down considerably.

Dagens Nyheter asked Nordlöf why the police needed a police convoy in Rinkeby.

- Attacks on police and police vehicles have taken place in the past. Although many things have changed, we want our new staff to feel safe, Nordlöf replied.

- We who have worked in the area in the past know how much better the situation has changed, but those who come to Rinkebyhy for the first time feel insecure. That is why we start with this in order to get an idea of ​​the situation. We have not actually decided how we will use our new resources. It remains to be seen, Nordlöf said.

According to Dagens Nyheter, the number of many crimes in Rinkeby has decreased over the past year, to which the corona pandemic may play a role. However, there has been no change in serious crime.

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Nordlöf said he often heard that many thought the police should leave areas like Rinkeby. However, Nordlöf disagrees because, according to him, “99% of those who live there are honest citizens and they are the ones we work for”.

- Criminals are not the ones who regulate norms. We cannot leave the area and let the criminals take over.

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