• Coronavirus, 700 thousand deaths worldwide, in the USA almost 5 million infections
  • Coronavirus: 190 new cases since yesterday, 177 people healed and 5 victims
  • Covid outbreak in Mantovano, 97 infected
  • Coronavirus, WHO: other countries learn from the Italian experience
  • Coronavirus, the Mantuan company, took workers who were out of work for the pandemic


06 August 2020 "Italy is in one of the most favorable situations in the world. However, we recommend a sense of responsibility to holidaymakers. The virus circulates and in about 27% of cases it travels with asymptomatics. We risk being infected by people who They are fine". In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Franco Locatelli , president of the Superior Health Council , says so, appealing to those who are about to go on vacation and would be tempted to get rid of their anti-Covid obligations. 

"Italy - explains Locatelli - is doing better than many other countries. It is no coincidence that the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also affirms it in a tweet to Minister Roberto Speranza. However, we must not frustrate the results obtained by abandoning the responsibility for individual behavior or failing those choices based on the utmost prudence that have brought us out of the most difficult situation. It is a holiday period that Italians must deservedly enjoy, but without forgetting what has happened in these months ".

"I put away a bottle of champagne for the Covid vaccine, but I am afraid I will not uncork it before the end of 2021": so Massimo Galli , Director of infectious diseases of the Sacco Hospital (Milan), this morning in Agorà on Rai 3 commented the statements of US President Donald Trump that the vaccine will arrive by 2020. "At present, almost no vaccines have passed the phase 1 of the trial. And when there will be it will be necessary to produce it for global needs, distribute it and administer it. And all this I am concerned "added Galli, for whom" It is wrong to use the vaccine as a political slogan. Now we do not have it and we will not have it in the fall for the start of school. I would rather worry about the vaccination campaign for the flu ".