Beirut Explosion Chemicals Control Over Government Criticism Raised August 6 18:53

Two days will soon come after the massive explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. There is a growing number of local criticisms of the government's response to the management of chemical substances stored in the warehouse where the explosion occurred.

At the port in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, a massive explosion on the 4th has killed at least 137 people, injured 5,000, and is still helping people who are missing.

It is known that a large amount of "ammonium nitrate", which is also a raw material for explosives, was stored in the warehouse at the port where the explosion occurred for 6 years.

A customs officer at the port told a French television station, "I don't think there was enough equipment in the warehouse to store this substance. We have repeatedly warned law enforcement authorities that the substance is dangerous. Despite the perceived danger, it appears to have been effectively left unattended for a long period of time without the appropriate measures being taken.

Local media pointed out the lack of response as "the authorities' neglect and mismanagement caused an explosion," and the SNS said, "I knew the danger, but took no action." Many voices have been posted that criticize the response.

Regarding the responsibility of this explosion, the Lebanese government demanded that the person involved in the storage of ammonium nitrate be placed under house arrest on 5th, and an investigation committee was set up to investigate the cause and identify the person in charge I will do it.