A police officer. (illustration) - Tristan Reynaud / SIPA

It is still very vague. But a 15-year-old English teenager was placed in an artificial coma on Wednesday in Bordeaux. The same morning, he was discovered lying bleeding in the lobby of a building at 43 rue Cancéra in the city center, reports Sud Ouest. Since then, he has been hospitalized at CHU Pellegrin in a condition deemed worrying.

An investigation was immediately opened and entrusted to the brigade of repression of attacks on people but for the moment, it is the great vagueness. Aggression? Accident ? No track is privileged. The young man had spent the evening outside with a friend but without his parents. An apparently heavily alcoholic evening. His friend would have lost sight of him before his side returned alone to the right address.

A fall from several floors?

According to the first elements, the teenager's injuries are due more to a fall than to an assault. “The video of a nearby restaurant allows him to enter the building in question alone. Her shoes and cap were found on the second floor landing. It is not excluded that he fell from the floor, ”says the prosecution to the regional daily.


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