Added short video posting function to Facebook "Instagram" 9:15 on August 6th

Facebook in the United States announced on the 5th that it added a new function to edit and post short videos to Instagram and the application for posting photos and videos. It seems that it has the aim of competing with the video posting application “TikTok” in China, which is gaining popularity with similar features.

Facebook added to its affiliate posting app "Instagram" is a feature called "reel" that allows users to shoot, edit and post a short video of 15 seconds.

In a statement, Facebook commented, "All users will be able to deliver their work to people all over the world."

An app that shoots and posts short videos is becoming more popular around the world with “TikTok” provided by a Chinese company, and Facebook is aiming to counter this by adding “reel”. It seems that.

In regards to "TikTok," the major IT company Microsoft is proceeding with negotiations to acquire a business in the United States, while the Trump administration is concerned that personal information will be misused. President Trump has indicated that if he does not reach an agreement by the 15th of September (September), he will ban domestic operations, and the future of negotiations is drawing attention.