The criminal court in Dubai started a trial of an (Asian) cook, who stole from the home of a famous player in the UAE team and the league for two hours and a bracelet, and the value of the stolen goods was estimated at 700 thousand dirhams, and the accused denied the crime at first, but he admitted it after that, indicating the theft of a small treasury containing the holdings Precious, but he could not open it, and he threw it in the garbage bin outside the house.

The victim, a famous football player, said in the Dubai Public Prosecution’s investigations that the accused works for him at home as a cook, and he manages various purposes, such as washing and arranging clothes, pointing out that he was surprised by the disappearance of precious movables, which is two hours, the price of one of them is 420 thousand A dirham, "RM", and a hand bracelet, were inside a small safe in the wardrobe, indicating that the suspect was suspected of being the only one authorized to enter the bedroom.

The player added that he asked the accused to return the treasury and the contents, without the need to inform the police, so the latter asked him to return them, but he did not, pointing out that he later learned that the fingerprints of the accused's hand matched the traces raised from the location of the treasury.

For his part, a witness from the Dubai Police said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that, immediately after receiving a report from the victim, doubts arose about the accused, and he was summoned to write down his statements, so he denied the charge, stating that he is not competent to enter the victim's bedroom, as he is the cook of the house, but by comparing fingerprints At the bottom of the wardrobe, it was confirmed that his fingerprint was there, although it is not normal for him to reach this place when he opens the wardrobe.

He added that, facing the accused, he confessed to his crime, admitting that he had seized the small treasury, but he could not open it, and he threw it in the external garbage container for the house.

The player accused the cook of stealing two hours and a bracelet of 700,000 dirhams.

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