A brigade of the 75th Group Army promotes the generation of combat power, improves the quality and speeds up
  new equipment enters the live ammunition exercise field

  Our reporter Chen Dianhong and special correspondent Wu Kuo reported: "Attention all vehicles, armor-piercing shells, the'enemy' tanks in front of them, marching to annihilate them!" Following the command from the commander Liu Weilu, the shells ejected in the wind and rain accurately hit the target. . In the midsummer season, a live ammunition exercise with a brigade of the 75th Army in a comprehensive training field in southern China kicked off the battle in the storm. What is different from the past is that several new armored assault vehicles that participated in the live ammunition exercise have just completed the installation ceremony.

  Will the new equipment go to the live ammunition drill field as soon as it is installed? Are there any hidden risks? Before the drill, many officers and soldiers were also worried: Under complex weather conditions, no one can guarantee that the new tank will drive steadily, connect well, and fight accurately as soon as it gets started. If it fails for the first time, isn't it a frustration?

  "Although there are risks, it is imperative in reality. The live ammunition exercise for new equipment is a test of the preliminary pilot work carried out in the early stage." The brigade leader made this decision not on a whim. After learning about the upcoming installation of new equipment, they took the initiative to contact the manufacturer to "learn from experience", collect and sort out relevant materials such as new equipment operating procedures and training points, organize preliminary theoretical studies; select drivers from the brigade’s "professional talent pool" Professional talents such as communication, shooting, etc., set up a team of coaches to gather wisdom to tackle key and difficult problems; give full play to the "yeast" role of the team of professionals, establish a mentor system, and promote the improvement of overall training level ; Carry forward military democracy, stimulate the subjective initiative and creativity of the broad masses of officers and soldiers, and explore effective and practical training "golden ideas." Prior to the training, various preparatory work was promoted steadily to lay a solid foundation for the new equipment to be "raised out of the sheath" as soon as it "settled".

  The new equipment performed stably during the live ammunition exercise. Although it did not win the "full house," it allowed the officers and soldiers to dispel their previous concerns. Everyone saw that their early efforts and efforts were not in vain, the enthusiasm for training and preparation was further stimulated, and they had more confidence and motivation for the subsequent combination of technical and combat to form the maximum combat power of new equipment.

  It is understood that the brigade’s battalion unit now equipped with this new equipment is basically capable of completing basic training in the use of radio and in-vehicle communication systems, and the use of gunner control terminals, and has initially mastered the basic performance and performance of the new equipment Combat applications, moving towards rapid generation of combat effectiveness.

  "How to give full play to the maximum combat power of the new equipment is our next goal and direction." According to the brigade leaders, in the next stage, they will be stationed in the field according to the idea of ​​"Strengthening skills in training and training to promote application". Focus on new equipment, specialize in refining and professional collaborative training, and then build a system and improve the overall combat capability of new equipment.

  Above: A certain type of howitzer fires live ammunition. Photo by Huang Yuanli

Reading Notes

■Yang Yong

There is no "gap period" for combat effectiveness building

  If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. To improve the quality and speed of combat power generation, it is important to update equipment, but if the seamless connection between people and new equipment cannot be realized, and the combat effectiveness of the new equipment cannot be quickly brought into play, then the "sharp weapon" is likely to be shelved as a "blunt knife."

  The battlefield in the future emphasizes victory by speed. This is not only a contest of "knife sharpening" efficiency, but also a contest of "knife production" speed. Regarding the new equipment installed, if you are blindly afraid of risks and seek to be safe, guarding the "sharpened knife" and dare not use it, worrying about "rolling the blade", or even treating the new equipment as a "baby lump", you will miss it. Opportunity period for the rapid generation of combat effectiveness.

  There is no "gap period" for combat effectiveness building. To advance the generation of new equipment combat effectiveness, we need to plan ahead, take the initiative, try first, and be fully prepared to strive to get the "quick knife" while being familiar with the "knife technique" in the chest. Only in this way can we win the opportunity in the future battlefield.

Chen Dianhong