US Special Department Deputy Representative for the US State Department, Alex Wong, is ready to negotiate with North Korea and reaffirmed the US position that China needs to strengthen its role.

웡 At the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee's confirmation hearing, the Vice-President responded to the question about US policy toward North Korea.

이어 The Vice President stressed that in order to lead North Korea through productive negotiations, it is necessary to continue the pressure on North Korea.

웡 The Vice-Chairman also said that even if the US and China do not have the same position in relation to the approach to North Korea, they can strengthen it if there are overlapping interests.

It is interpreted to have continued to push for economic sanctions and to strengthen China's role in this regard, while keeping diplomatic doors open.

말 At the end of last year, the vice president of special affairs, North Korea, was promoted to the deputy secretary of state, and has been in charge of the State Department's practice in North Korea.

(Photo = Screen capture of hearing, Yonhap News)