On Wednesday, MTV announced the participants of the new You Are What you eat production season. In series 11, doctor Pippa Laukka is renovating the lifestyles of a person known to the public with the help of a fitness regimen and a change in diet.

This year's reality TV star Henna Kalinainen, radio presenter Rea Tallgren, musician Juno, fashion designer Lalli Savolainen, journalist Tuomas Rajala, actress Riitta Väisänen, singer Jippu, puck influencer Sakari Pietilä, ex-alpine skier Enna Kieva and journalist Koistinen.

Henna Kalinainen, known from reality TV series, is renovating her lifestyle with the help of Pippa Lauka. Kalinainen in 2012.


The series traditionally sees how participants eat and live. For many, the refrigerator is bursting with sugary and fatty treats that make up the diet almost entirely. Some also do not move at all and overweight may have accumulated profusely over the years. Some of the challenges are caused by a busy life and a non-existent food rhythm.

The program shows how the edge of Finns familiar from publicity lasts when old bad habits are abandoned and replaced by a new kind of everyday life.

Pippa Laukka pilotes ten different struggles of unfamiliar lifestyles, for well-being.

Photo: Arnould Piia

In the previous season, lifestyle renovations were carried out by cultural personality Wallu Valpio, priest Kari Kanala, familiar from the First Dating at the Altar series, singer Meiju Suvas, ex-porn star Henry Saari, real estate queen Kaisa Liski, presenter and editor Ina Mikkola, blogger Veera Bianca, blogger Veera Bianca .

You are what you eat starts on MTV3 on Thursday 3.9. at 8 pm for periods of the new production season.