, August 5th. According to the US Chinese website, the U.S. Navy announced that it had found the amphibious assault vehicle that had been involved in the exercise at a depth of about 117 meters near the coast of California. The missing soldiers were still in the vehicle. , But it’s not clear how many people there are.

  The U.S. military stated in a press release that the Navy has accelerated its operations to retrieve the remains of the Marine Corps and Marines. "The correct and safe execution of the seabed recovery operation will end this week. After the recovery operation is over, The remains of the Marines and Marines who died will be removed with dignity."

  The assault vehicle was found at a depth of about 117 meters with the help of diving equipment. According to the images returned from the diving equipment, it can be concluded that the dead soldiers are still in the vehicle, but how many people are still in the vehicle has not been revealed.

  On July 31, local time, the US Marine Corps stated that during a training exercise near the coast of Southern California the previous day, an amphibious assault vehicle with 16 people suddenly entered water, causing 1 death, 8 missing, and 2 injuries. .

  On August 2, all eight missing persons were presumed dead. The Marine Corps said earlier that this may be the most serious incident since the use of this assault vehicle began nearly 50 years ago.

  At present, the Marine Corps has suspended all water operations of more than 800 amphibious assault vehicles, and investigations are ongoing.