The North European Oil Trade (NEOT) Group, which supplies about seven billion liters of transport fuels a year to about 2,000 different stations, believes that the propulsion tax included in the vehicle tax should be abolished with the abolition of the diesel tax subsidy.

The matter is clear from the statement sent by NEOT to the Tax Working Group of the Ministry of Finance, which can be described as a kind of giant wholesaler in the transport sector in Finland, according to which the vehicle tax should consist only of a basic tax for all vehicles in traffic.

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"In this way, a vehicle tax would guide the acquisition of low-emission vehicles in a technology-neutral way, as the form of energy used in a vehicle would be taxed on the basis of its emissions," NEOT explains in a statement.

"Previous tax revenue from the propulsion tax could potentially be replaced by the proposed extension of fuel taxation to all propulsion forces."

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NEOT Group is owned by SOK, owned by the S Group (51%), and St1 Nordic (49%).

The vehicle tax currently in force consists of a basic tax and a propulsion tax. Of these, the basic tax is determined primarily by CO2 emissions.

The propulsion tax, on the other hand, was once introduced to compensate for the tax subsidy on diesel fuel and is paid for non-petrol cars.