The new season of first dates at the altar will start in an exceptional situation. It was first decided to include a fourth pair in the program, then Korona struck.

- The fourth pair changed the rumba a lot, and Korona didn't make it easier, Marianna Stolbow laughs.

- Everything had to be taken terribly much further with papers and Zoom before we could really meet the applicants. Because we have a tight screen, the job required a lot of park walks to get to see.

Finding the perfect “match” among vent guests is not easy, even if you own a stunningly fine crystal ball. At the same time, one has to think about the fact that everything is shown on television.

- Choices are influenced by things like how a person shakes hands or how he or she carries himself or herself. We met dreamers of all kinds of relationships and the number of applicants seems to be growing all the time. The group of applicants was by no means one-sided and I hope that a wide variety of people will continue to apply for the program.

How to ensure that the applicant is suitable for television?

- We emphasize the role of making TV, but we are not looking for performers. We are looking for durable types of TV. Every applicant has to deal with the camera even before the selection. Admittedly, none of us know how situations develop because the conditions are so exceptional, as if they were in a laboratory.

- You always come across guys who are tops on paper, but you come across a different person. Then you also come across people who get through the flipper cake with papers, but are quite awesome types.

Relationship educator Marianna Stolbow has been doing divorce work for over 10 years.

Photo: Viena Kytöjoki

One thing that cannot be measured in advance is knowing physical attraction. Does this worry the experts?

- Physical attraction is affected by so many things, not just appearance. Just how he treats another. On paper, you can see that a person is physically true Wow, but someone in it stings a dent. This aspect is hard to check, but if there is a mentally good suction between the couple and you realize that it’s fun to be with the other, then things will work out. Or the opposite.

Stolbow emphasizes that people interpret and read each other through many things. He hopes interpretations could also be questioned.

- You may ask, why do I always hope for a certain thing in my partner? Eventually, though, the trick is found in how we are with each other.

Has it ever happened that someone selected for the program has retired in the very last meters?

- It hasn't happened, the relationship trainer laughs.

- That's the excitement. We experts are excited about couples and we are always waiting for that last ok not to just cancel. On the other hand, the search process takes many months and a single person may meet someone else among everything. Many of our applicants are really tired of being single and they have their antennas open all the time. At some point, there will be a point that you need to commit to the program. When we’re nearing the end, we ask that we don’t go to Tinder anymore. There is always the risk of losing some favorite type.

Through a long and deep process, the pairs in the program become very close with the experts.

- They go through so many reasons. I know things they may not have told anyone else. All these people are absolutely wonderful. I understand every story.