Taiwan excludes Japan from shortening quarantine period 20:36 on August 5 due to spread of infection

Taiwanese authorities have decided to exclude Japan from the countries that would reduce the isolation period when visiting Taiwan, as the new coronavirus infection is spreading in Japan.

Since late June, Taiwanese authorities have taken steps to shorten the 14-day quarantine period after arrival for short-term business travelers from Japan to 7 days.

Regarding this, authorities said that the infection with the new coronavirus was spreading in Japan and that the number of infected people was concentrated in cities with frequent traffic to and from Taiwan, so Japan was excluded from the measures to shorten the isolation period on the 5th. , Announced that it will require 14 days of isolation.

The number of people visiting Taiwan from Japan for business purposes was 70 in April and May, which was 99% more than the same period in the previous year, but a shortening was taken6. The number was 246 people a month, which was some increase.

Regarding this decision, there are voices from local Japanese officials that it may affect necessary corporate activities such as technical guidance by Japanese engineers.