- 2020 is a full run, and I think that the first half of 2021 will also be tough, says Ulf Axelsson who is the CEO at the airport.

On June 4, the first plane took off after a three-month hiatus. Today, about six flights a week depart from the airport.

- Normally we have six flights a day. That is a very big difference.

Wrong season

Right now, Wizz Air and Ryan Air are flying from the airport, and both are going to smaller towns. For these companies, the situation is relatively good. But that's not enough to make flying serious.

- If there were to be a line to, for example, Amsterdam, both travelers from the private sector and the business sector would be needed, says Ulf Axelsson.

He believes that people who travel for business will avoid traveling, and that it will therefore be difficult to get air traffic started.

- I think that many companies will postpone meetings, because you are still not allowed to visit each other as it is right now.

Need help

The most important thing for the airport is that the travel starts again, but until then they need help from the state.

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Travelers Åsa Liljegren, Janee Duvingelo and Håkan Karlsson - on their way to Alicante - were fever tested at check-in. Photo: Tomas Nyström / SVT

- It's very difficult right now. Almost all are laid off 80% for the rest of the month, but that is still not enough in the long run, says Ulf Axelsson.