Saana, 15, who ventured into PowerPark’s new device Pitts Special, experienced a nasty surprise when the device got stuck in the middle of the trip.

- The device started to climb a steep ascent, but then it stopped. At first, I thought it was relevant, Saana says.

- When I asked my roommate if the device should stop like this, he said it hadn't stopped at least the last time he was on his device.

Saana estimates that the device is stuck during a vertical ascent to a height of about 25-30 meters.

The novelty roller coaster Pitts Special starts ascending vertically up to a height of 43.5 meters. From the top of the tower, an 8-seater wagon plunges at an 85-degree angle toward the ground as the speed accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour.

- One girl cried and scared me so terribly that I started to shake, Saana describes.

- I won't go to that device again right away.

The journey did not resume until 10–15 minutes after an unplanned stop.

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Mikko Kiviluoma, the director of PowerPark, says that the stop was due to the safety mechanism of the device. One of the safety sensors on the device had gone into a fault condition, which stopped the carriage.

Saana estimates that the device has been stuck for 10-15 minutes before the carriage starts moving again.

- We were there for a while until it was shouted from below that the maintenance staff was coming. After a while, the wagon started moving quite normally, he says.

According to Kiviluoma, the maintenance staff of the amusement park checked the device, after which it was continued to run as usual.

- The trolley was driven out of the place, and the device continued to run normally after it was acknowledged to be in good condition.