More information has been obtained about the condition of Jake Muzzin, who was dangerously injured and transported to a hospital on a stretcher in a match against Columbus last night.

The team reported that the 31-year-old Canadian defender has gotten back from the hospital to the hotel, but at least he is no longer playing in the ongoing match series where the wins are exactly 1-1.

As Muzzin left the strictly capped NHL bubble on his hospital trip, he is quarantined by the rules for a period of time in his room.

In the night match, Muzzin slammed his head forward into the opponent's knee and, despite his attempts, was unable to stand up. He initially moved both his arms and legs but then lay motionless for a long time, surrounded by medical staff.

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TSN insider editor Darren Dreger says on his Twitter account that Muzzin lost his sense of limbs after the quake, which was the reason for the hospital trip. According to Dreger, however, Muzzin regained his senses a moment later.