Mr. Weinstein appointed as the next US Ambassador to Japan Thought to contribute to Japan August 6 7:12


Mr. Weinstein, who has been appointed as the new ambassador to Japan by President Trump of the United States, indicated that he would seek further contributions to the Japanese side in terms of security, with China in mind as it strengthens its military power.

Kenneth Weinstein, a conservative think tank director appointed as the new US ambassador to Japan, attended a hearing in the House of Representatives on May 5 with a view to China, which is strengthening its military power. Encourage Japan to take even more responsibility in responding to serious security threats."

In addition, Mr Weinstein said, "Prime Minister Abe understands that the United States will do its best, but Japan will have to contribute even more. Japan is remarkably purchasing defense equipment from the United States. We are expanding, and we look forward to a fruitful conclusion about the cost of staying in Japan,'' he said, concluding the talks on spending costs of U.S. forces in Japan, which President Trump has asked Japan to significantly increase. Showed expectations.

Meanwhile, Weinstein said, "North Korea's nuclear and missile development is a common threat to the US and Japan. We would like to cooperate with Japan and South Korea to strengthen missile defense and thereby increase deterrence."

With the approval of the Senate, Weinstein is expected to move to Japan as the successor of former Ambassador Hagerty, who resigned to run for the Senate election in November.