For several years, most driving license cheaters have been caught in Värmland. Stockholm has now changed in number, but in terms of share, Värmland is still the best at detecting cheaters. 3.3 percent of the country's knowledge tests for driving licenses are carried out here, but as much as 8 percent of the fraudsters found are caught here.

The head of unit in Karlstad, Anki Juhl, does not think that there is more cheating here than anywhere else. It is perhaps rather that they are better at detecting cheating.

That people choose to cheat on a driver's license, she believes, is largely due to language barriers. The theory test itself can be written in 14 foreign languages ​​and the driving license book is available in six different languages. But it can also be difficult to find a traffic school teacher who speaks their own language, which means that people apply to others who do not have a permit to run a driving school. In addition, it can be about bad information about what the road to a driver's license looks like.

- It is a vulnerable customer group. If I were to take a driving license in Turkey, for example, and see "Swedish traffic school" with a Swedish flag, I would turn to them, says Anki Juhl.

Can be expensive

But going to a black driving school is often a bad deal. Anki Juhl has heard about those who paid upwards of 50,000 for a driving license training which is also substandard.

During the corona pandemic, the test times have been sparse and more people become desperate to pass the theory test before the validity period for the driving test expires. Anki Juhl believes this has also contributed to more people cheating now.

Sample inspector Mazen Dayoub takes cheating seriously.

- Those who write their test here with us will go out and drive a car later. Given the traffic safety and zero vision that we have in Sweden, it is a serious problem.

Since the first of March, this type of cheating has been illegal and can result in up to six months in prison.