Markus Leikola's great new documentary European corona log: The avalanche and resistance manage to bring a lot of new fins to the corona debate. The documentary goes through the beginning of the pandemic chronologically, starting in China and continuing through Italy through Europe. The situation in Finland is also discussed, but it is not at the heart of the document.

The corona pandemic has hit Europe hard.

The excerpt is gratifying, and the documentary contains a genuine analysis that also has a new offering for the news addict. Going through the political slowness of January-February has a certain taste of hindsight, but at the same time, Leikola explains well why political institutes are operating as slowly as they do.

Brexit stole the stage in the EU at the end of January, Italy’s fragmented political field did not unite quickly enough in the face of the crisis, and the French health minister had to resign for other reasons. Most importantly, the severity of the new disease was not known. The relationship between the situation in Sweden and the democratic structure of the country is laudable. Is there a reason for Sweden's strategy in the country's extreme democracy?

For interviews, Leikola has found a handsome group of professionals from all over the world, from EU commissioners to researchers in various countries and major health authorities. Outi Liisanantti, Inari's leading doctor, explains what it was like to diagnose the first infection in January and how he did not dare to go to the sauna all spring without the phone being right on the other side of the door in case of an emergency.

European interest rate log: Avalanche and resistance on Wednesday 5.8. TV1 at 7 p.m.