More than 900 women and girls in Peru have been missing since the onset of the corona crisis, reports a top Peruvian official specializing in women's rights. The official calls the numbers "alarming" and wants a national register of missing persons to be set up.

Between March 16 and June 30, a total of 915 persons - 606 girls and 309 adult women - were reported missing in Peru.

They are feared to have been victims of human trafficking, domestic violence or murder. In July, the number of missing persons may even have risen to 1,200.

According to the official, there are no systems in Peru that keep track of the number of missing persons. Because of this, it is often not registered if someone who is reported missing is later found to be right again.

Many countries have reported an increase in incidents of domestic violence since the outbreak of COVID-19. The United Nations has therefore called for government measures.

There is a lot of violence against women, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of women in Latin America demonstrated on the street against violence against women, including in Peru.