The young Fokkema


05 August 2020A real revolution. From Holland comes news that could open up yet unexplored future scenarios for the world of football. The Knvb, the local federation, has in fact given the green light to the VV Foarut, club of the fourth division, for the integration within its male formation of the 19 year old Ellen Fokkema. Until now in the Netherlands girls were allowed to play in men's teams only at a youth level up to 18 years of age. The first step of a project that the federation intends to "monitor" in view of possible future changes to the regulation.

"It's fantastic, an exciting challenge. I've been playing with these kids since I was 5 years old, why shouldn't I keep doing it?" Says the teenager, expressing all her joy. "I asked the club if it was possible to do something about it and together we signed the request to the federation," he says. After receiving the approval, Ellen was able to share her contentment with her teammates. "They too were excited to be able to continue playing together - she reveals - I don't know how it will end but I am satisfied to be able to take part in this pilot project".

In a country where women's football is very popular, requests such as those of Fokkema are not new. "We get at least one a year," explains Art Langeler, football development director for Knvb. On this occasion, however, a different path was taken. "In my opinion, it is special that girls of all skill levels can play mixed football, but as soon as the boys have gone from men to less than 19 years of age they must play football without the women of their team, while we believe that there should be room for everyone in every way, "argues the manager again. A taboo that has been broken with a choice "that represents diversity and equality".