The Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is also responsible for sport, has supported the plans of the German Football League (DFL) to play with a few thousand spectators. As long as the hygiene requirements could be met in the corona virus crisis, games with fans are basically possible, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is of the opinion that it could start up again gradually in autumn.

Full stadiums are certainly not yet possible. The local authorities would have to decide whether and how many spectators were allowed to be present. The Ministry of Health also expressed no fundamental objections: "It is now a question of implementation on site." The concept of the DFL is to be welcomed.

However, critical voices came from the countries. "A lot can be represented on paper," said Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD). "It will still have to be checked very carefully whether this can be maintained in practice, even if I would like it as a football fan." Bremen's senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) also expressed his disapproval. "I am very skeptical of the DFL's proposal to host Bundesliga matches in front of spectators again," he told the Weser courier . Mäurer is in dispute with the DFL over the police cost debate. 

Government spokeswoman: Economy and education have priority

"Nobody can see at the moment where we will be in September and what challenges we will have to deal with." The deputy government spokeswoman, Ulrike Demmer, was also cautious. She stressed that economic life and educational institutions were a priority. "Only then, of course, is it important to look at the leisure sector."

In view of the recent rise in the number of new infections, the DFL is expecting a slow normalization. "We will have to regain normalcy in small steps," DFL managing director Christian Seifert said on Tuesday. The league is preparing for all scenarios - a Bundesliga start without, with few or a little more spectators. The new season is scheduled to start on September 18. The individual clubs are now to present hygiene concepts within 14 days, which should make it possible for at least some of the spectators to be admitted.

On Tuesday, the DFL general assembly passed a majority, but not unanimously, to ban alcohol in the event of a fan return and to cancel the standing room until October 31.

Criticism also from Bundesliga clubs

After that, however, Bundesliga clubs also reported with criticism: The president of 1. FC Union Berlin Dirk Zingler said, "since we fundamentally disagree with the procedure and also the requests for guest fans, standing room and alcohol serving for unbalanced with regard to our general social responsibility , but also to adhere to our special responsibility for football fans, we voted "No" for these three applications. Eintracht Frankfurt had voted against the alcohol ban.

The last game was played in front of empty ranks. The standing room in the stadiums should not be occupied until the end of October - on the first six match days. There the distance rules could hardly be observed. No alcohol should be served that long. Added to this is the introduction of personalized online tickets to enable the tracking of infection chains during the corona pandemic. The clubs also do not want to issue tickets to accompanying fans of the visiting teams by the end of the year.