Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow has complained about defects in the federal government's Corona warning app. In concrete terms, the left-wing politician spoke in an interview with the Rheinische Post of "organizational failure, which leads to a data protection violation and thus to a further loss of trust".

He is a staunch supporter of the federal government's Corona Warning app. But now he knew "that not all positively tested confidentiality can be guaranteed". Because in many laboratories there were no official letters that could be used to transmit the test results anonymously to the app, those who tested positive had to call the hotline of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and provide their name and telephone number so that the result could be found in the app can be taken into account.

Not enough documents printed

"This is the demolition slip on an official document with a QR code, which is photocopy-proof to guarantee data protection. One part is for the laboratory and the other for the test person. He can use his cell phone to enter the code for his test result into the Load the app. Anonymous. " So far, however, not enough of the documents have been printed.

The RKI rejects Ramelow's criticism of data protection. The phone numbers of the users would be processed strictly separately from the data collected with the app. The verification hotline staff only notes down the callers' phone numbers so they can call you back later and tell them the tan. The numbers would be deleted in accordance with data protection no later than one hour after the recall.

The app is designed to help track and interrupt infection chains. If there was an encounter with someone who later tested positive for the corona virus, the cell phone should inform the owner. So far, the app launched on June 16 in Germany is available in German, English and Turkish. In the past, however, the companies involved had to admit various problems such as background updates.