China News Service, August 5, reported that on the 4th local time, a huge explosion occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, which has caused at least 78 deaths and 4,000 injuries so far. The explosion caused serious damage to the local hospital, and at the same time, patients were still coming in and the hospital was overcrowded.

  The New York Times reported that St. George's Hospital, the largest in downtown Beirut, was severely damaged in the explosion. Dozens of patients and visitors were injured by falling objects and splashing glass from the explosion.

  "Every floor of the hospital is damaged," said Peter Noon, head of pediatric hematology and oncology. "I didn't see anything like this even during the war. It was a disaster."

  An Arab Satellite TV reporter said that ambulances carrying the wounded were still coming and everything in the hospital was in a mess.

The explosion caused severe damage to several blocks of Beirut, with broken buildings and scattered glass shards everywhere. The picture shows the glass of a building near the port was shattered.

  Azar, the director of Bikhazi Medical Group Hospital, said that a lot of glass in the hospital was broken and the entrance door was completely shattered. “In some wards, the entire ceiling hit the patient.” “We heard the explosion and everything was shaking. ."

  She said that despite the devastation caused by the explosion, the hospital still treated 500 patients within hours after the explosion.

  Lebanese Minister of Public Health Muhammad Hasan Hassan said: "Beirut Hospital is already overcrowded and the injured should be sent to hospitals in other provinces and cities."