In order for the work to continue with the expansion of four tracks between Malmö and Lund, train traffic must be diverted on two temporary tracks, which requires a total stop in train traffic.

- We will demolish part of the existing track and must connect a temporary line from Hjärup to just south of Åkarp, says Thomas Hallgren, production manager for the railway at the Swedish Transport Administration.

At 23:00 on 22 August, therefore, all train traffic will be suspended until 28 August, and will start rolling again on 29 January.

Buses replace

In the meantime, Skånetrafiken will deploy replacement buses that will run in 5-minute traffic between Malmö and Lund.

- This has been planned for a long time and will be a challenge considering corona, says Mikael Espling, business manager for the Öresund trains at Skånetrafiken.

The buses will run half full and Skånetrafiken hopes that those who can choose to work from home during the week.

- Travel only if you have to. Be out in good time and keep your distance in the bus queue, urges Mikael Espling.

- To arrive on time, it is important to be out in good time, says Mikael Espling, business manager for the Öresund trains at Skånetrafiken, regarding the upcoming train stop between Malmö and Lund. Photo: Erika Dahlin Jönsson

Guided bike ride

To reduce the number of passengers in public transport during the train stop, guided bicycle commuting will be offered along the route.

The guided tours depart in the morning in small groups and there will be the opportunity to connect along the way.