In March 1991, the local elections, which had been suspended since the May 16 military crisis, were revived in 31 years. 4,304 basic lawmakers were elected from municipalities across the country. And another 30 years passed. 2,927 members of the 226 Basic Councils elected in the 2018 elections are in the process. The 8th local council has now ended in the first half and entered the second year in the second half. What was the past two years of the Fundamentals Council's return point?

The SBS Data Journalism Team [Mabujajak] decided to settle the first half of the local council based on some data. First of all, the basic council chairman's total of 190,000 of the past two years of work promotion expenses was analyzed. I tried to see if it was written properly according to the purpose. The purpose was to check whether the citizen's tax was used without any reason. In Part 1, <13 Million Won Driven by'Chairman's Restaurant', we reviewed the current status and overall use of business promotion costs focused on specific companies, and this part 2 is about private use and holiday use.

● Mr. Love, the chairman of coffee.

Koreans love coffee best in the world. There is also a survey that one person drinks 353 cups of coffee a year and 2.7 times the world average (2019, Hyundai Economic Research Institute). From July 2018 to May 2020, the business promotion cost used in places where'Coffee' or'Café' is included in the name was KRW 195.9 million (6,809). It would be much more if you included the one that was missing here. Drinking coffee during meetings or business meetings with local people is in line with the purpose of enforcing business promotion costs. But what if you had coffee alone or with family and friends?

[Mabujajakchi] separately analyzed the use of less than 10,000 won among the business promotion costs of 226 basic council chairpersons nationwide over the past two years. The reason why I looked at these small payments is that I thought that the cost of the business promotion was used like my own allowance for purposes other than the purpose.
The first place in micropayment was Assemblyman Lim Tae-geun, chairman of the first half of the Seongbuk-gu Council. Assemblyman Lim made 196 payments for less than 10,000 won over two years. The total amount of use is 1,27,130 won and an average of 6,159 won per case. Gangdong-gu Council's operation chairperson was 169 cases, Seocho-gu Council Finance and Construction Chairperson 148 cases, Seocho-gu Council Administrative Welfare Chairperson 134 cases, Gangbuk-gu Council Vice Chairperson 97 cases.

I also looked for payments under 5,000 won. The first place was also used by 67 members of Congress (24,1,500 won), followed by 48 administrative welfare chairpersons at Seocho-gu Council, 38 operating committee members at Gangdong-gu Council, 29 vice chairmen at Gangbuk-gu Council, and 22 financial construction chairpersons at Seocho-gu Council. Some rankings have changed from 1st to 5th, but the five have not changed. Of the more than 900 members of the Basic Assembly, 3,726 cases of small payments of less than 10,000 won were 699 cases of less than 5,000 won.

● Part of the legislative activity VS. Private use... results?

Where did you write it. Regardless of the amount of money, the most frequent use of Rep. Lim Tae-geun's work promotion expenses was the OO Coffee Hansung University. I used 41 cases and 33,500 won, but when I checked it, the 7th floor of this cafe building was the home of Rep. Lim. It seems to have had one or two cups of coffee on the way to work from work promotion. In other cafes, 144 cases and 89,400 won were used for the business promotion cost, which is estimated to be consumed by paying less than 10,000 won.

In addition to cafés, Lim used dozens of business promotion fees within 200 meters of his home. I spent 1.07 million won (27 cases) at two marts in front of my house, 390,000 won at a fruit shop, and 210,000 won at a butcher shop, and at a Chinese restaurant on the first floor of my home. For the holidays, 12.2 million won (207 cases, including duplicates) were used. In his hometown of Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, and in nearby Gangjin and Wando-gun, he also spent business promotion fees at rest stops along the way. The Secretariat of Seongbuk-gu said that only one out of six visits by Rep. Lim in the first half of the session was the official schedule of qualifications for the council.

In response to the question of [Mabujakjachi], Rep. Lim explained, "It was a part of the legislative activity." It was a position that it was not a problem that they used it at cafes and restaurants near the house, saying, "You can have a cup of tea (with a business promotion fee), eat rice, and understand that part." However, he admitted that it was wrong to buy meat at a butcher shop and use it when dining with grandchildren at a family restaurant.

The Secretariat of the Seongbuk-gu Council announced that it had reimbursed over 3.4 million won, which had been identified as a problem amid the execution of Prof. Lim's work.

Kim An-suk, former chairman of the administrative welfare committee of the Seocho-gu Council in Seoul, who was the second-largest in the payment of less than 5,000 won, used 65 business promotion fees at cafes near Naebang Station in the district and 20 cases paid less than 5,000 won. It is estimated to be a cafe near your home. Park Won-seo, chairman of the first half of the Gangdong-gu council in Seoul, who was third overall, wrote 17 cases in a cafe in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do. Representative Park seems to be near the cafe.

● Chairman's room Decorate the flowers, pay less than 500,000 won,

and what is the relationship between flowers and business promotion cost ? You can buy flowers for the celebration of the resignation or inauguration of the head of the institution, the celebration of national holidays, or the relocation or opening of the institution. Do not use anything else.

Assemblyman Seong-Ja Lee, chairman of the first half of the Gyeonggi-do Suwon City Council. Assembly member Jo used 6.79 million won (12 cases) as a business promotion fee in one local flower shop. Three of these cases met the purpose of execution for the purposes of employee birthdays, celebrations of awards, and visits to sister cities. Nine cases were purchased of environmentally friendly plant pots, which should not be used for business promotion. It is an average of 630,000 won every two or three months to improve the chairman's environment. Six of these were spending more than 500,000 won, and then you had to submit a reason with details. The flower shop was run by Immo, the chairman of the Suwon City Passbook Council.

"Some flowers were sent to official events, and the amount of money increased at the same time," said Assemblyman Cho. "It wasn't driven to a specific company, but the flowers were cheap and traded." "I told the secretary's office that the previous chairpersons did the same thing and did the same thing," he said. "There is enough misunderstanding, so I will forward it to the next chairperson and secretariat for clarity."

Rep. Shin Jae-beom, chairman of the first half of the Hadong-gun Council in Gyeongnam, made a payment by dividing it twice at a company of 480,000 won and 450,000 won on January 22nd as a gift for employees and colleagues. On September 5th of last year, employees also purchased encouraging items such as employees, and used the work promotion expenses to be divided by 450,000 won and 44,000 won. It is estimated to be a'trick' to avoid the reason for spending over 500,000 won.

"I didn't even ask why it was," Shin said, "perhaps it's because the employees want to facilitate accounting."

The ‘overwrite’ payments of the chairman confirmed by [Apocalypse] amounted to 141 cases, amounting to 47.72 million won. Of the 226 parliamentary councils, 37 of them, 16% of the total, confirmed split payment behavior. This is to avoid submitting a reason for using more than 500,000 won, 8 members of Seongbuk-gu Council, Tae-Geun Lim, who was the first in small amount payment, and 8 members of Hadong-gun Council, followed by 7 members of Jae-Beom Shin.

● Holiday and late night use.
We checked how much we spent on the weekends, public holidays, when there was no official assembly work, or during late night hours. The entire presidency used 9,713 on holidays and 678 between 11 and 6 am. Legislators can participate in activities related to the agenda, such as participating in local events on holidays. Nevertheless, the National Committee on the Rights of the Human Rights recommended that it create its own ordinances with restrictions on the use of holidays and late nights, and some parliaments are following the recommendations. This is because there is a high likelihood that it will lead to personal use in the light of precedent.

During the first two years, it was the chairman of the Gangdong-gu council in Seoul that used the most money for the business promotion on holidays. 620 cases, 36.8 million won was spent. The national average is 44, which is 14 times more. The next order was the Gyeonggi Goyang city council with 299 cases (2,681 million won), followed by 135 cases (1,613 million won) with the Yangsan city council in Gyeongnam. By individual, the first half of the Changwon City Council in Gyeongnam was Chan-Ho Lee, 27,704,000,000 won (93 cases), and in Seoul’s Gangdong-gu council chairman In-taek Lim was 1,663 million won (204 cases), Gyeonggi-do Paju City Council Chairman Son Bae-chan and Son Bae-chan Son, 1,587 million won (138 cases) It was pure. Rep. Tae-Geun Lim, chairman of the first half of the Seongbuk-gu Council, was the eighth-largest number of holidays, but ranked first with 207 cases. Gangdong-gu Council, which used to have the most holidays, announced that it would reduce the use of holidays, etc. by establishing a code of conduct for lawmakers related to business promotion costs in [Manufacturing Offense].

● When I pointed out the problem of the business promotion cost, the chairman asked me for cash.

"It's too uncomfortable to ask to use it with a card. If it is over midnight, I can't use it, and I can't use it on the weekends.

It was said by the chairman of the first half of the foundation council during the interview. There are many places to spend money, but there are many restrictions on cards, so you can't use them well. The fact that there was a lawmaker who said that in a situation where there was a great deal of disbelief about the use of the basic council's work promotion expenses was surprising.

"I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend money on business promotion. You just need to properly identify who you met, for what purpose, and at what cost." Chae Yeon-ha, secretary-general of'Citizens' Action Together', who has been monitoring the government and the budget of Congress, pointed out this.

Coverage : Shim Young-gu, Bae Yeon-woon, Hye-kyung Jeong, Bae Jeong-hoon Design : Jun- suk Ahn Intern : Kim Ji-yeon, Lee Ki-eun

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