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Japan, where Corona 19 was re-spreading, oral disinfectants and gargles suddenly sold out. It is because one politician said it worked for corona, but some pointed out that it should be used with caution.

Correspondent Yoo Seong-jae of Tokyo reports.

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is a pharmacy in Tokyo.

The usual oral disinfectants were empty.

There was also an emergency notice at the entrance saying that everything was sold out of stock.

[This is the third store, but it is said that it is not there.]

Oral fungicides were sold all over Japan with wings spread because of the comments yesterday (4th) of the Osaka branch of Yoshimura Osaka.

[Yoshimura/Osaka Governor: It sounds like a lie, but I will tell you a serious story. If you use this oral disinfectant, it may be effective for corona.]

25 people with mild corona confirmed that they used povidone iodine-based oral disinfectant four times a day, and after four days, the coronavirus detection rate in saliva test did not use the disinfectant. It has dropped to a quarter of the level of unconfirmed people.

However, it was pointed out that it reduced the virus in the mouth, and it was difficult to expect an effect to prevent or treat infection.

[Gosaka/Doctor (Professor, Tohoku University): As a disinfectant, it has the effect of reducing the virus, but it may be overlooked as a treatment.]

Concerns have also been raised that the iodine component of the fungicide may cause hypothyroidism in the fetus and infant.

Governor Yoshimura stepped back today saying that oral disinfectants are not a cure.

However, there are strong accusations that confusion was caused by rash remarks when the anxiety of infection was prevalent.

(Video coverage: Hyunjin Moon, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)