Berlin (dpa) - In the discussion about a reform of the clinic offer in Germany, medical president Klaus Reinhardt has warned of commercial motives. "Hospitals have to serve the patient, not the profit," said the head of the Federal Medical Association of the German Press Agency.

"A reduction in supply capacities, which we are always recommended by various political advisory foundations, would have led to the same conditions in March and April as in Spain and Italy." However, the corona crisis has shown that Germany is well positioned in international comparison.

"We were able to do this because in recent years we have resisted further commercialization in the health care system, because we see clinics as an institution of general interest and not as industrial companies," said Reinhardt. «We quickly built up the necessary capacities in the hospital. And our system of comprehensive outpatient medical care saved us from overusing the hospitals. »

In the summer of last year, a study commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung caused a sensation - according to this, patient care could be significantly improved by closing more than every second hospital. The remaining houses could receive significantly more staff and better equipment.

Reinhardt said it should be recognized that there was a major reform backlog. "Above all, we need a new remuneration system that is no longer geared exclusively to economic efficiency." The hospital landscape should also be reorganized. “In rural areas, we still need inpatient care nationwide, where emergencies can be treated quickly and well. But if it makes medical sense, especially in urban areas, it must also be possible to combine locations. »

This means using synergy effects to reduce the work pressure on doctors and nursing staff. "Just please, we are not discussing savings in personnel, not in the treatment needs of the second oldest society in the world, not in our lack of doctors and nursing staff," warned Reinhardt. "On the contrary, we need more nursing jobs, but at the same time not a single medical job should be lost." He also pointed out that the federal states have failed to meet investment commitments for the clinics of around 30 billion euros in the past ten years.

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