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Turkey tightens measures after coronavirus flare-up Turkey is tightening
the rein in the fight against coronavirus. For the first time in three weeks, the country had more than a thousand new infections in one day.

Quarantine measures will be maintained on a daily basis for the time being, travelers abroad will be closely monitored and measures around weddings and funerals will be tightened, the Ministry of Health reports.

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Ajax was hit by coronavirus: 'But no one is infected anymore'
Thirteen people at Ajax have been infected with the coronavirus, De Telegraaf reports on   Tuesday. It concerns players and staff members from the first and second team of the club from Amsterdam.

"It is true that a number of players and staff have had the coronavirus," spokesman Miel Brinkhuis told the newspaper. He cannot confirm the numbers and does not comment on names.

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Bertens will decide on participation in the US Open
by Monday at the latest. Bertens will announce whether she will participate in the US Open by Monday at the latest. Because of the corona crisis, the number seven in the world still has doubts whether she is traveling to New York, her coach Elise Tamaƫla told on Tuesday.

Strict restrictions apply to the tennis complex in New York, where the US Open opens on August 31. For example, there is no public welcome and players from other parts of the world must be quarantined for two weeks after arrival. Defending champion among the men, Rafael Nadal , announced earlier tonight that he is leaving the tournament.

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Guarantees on holiday
vouchers extended to the whole of 2020 All holiday vouchers that are issued this year due to the corona crisis are covered by the Guarantee of the Travel Guarantee Fund (SGR), the organization decided on Tuesday. The guarantee means that if a travel agency that is affiliated with the SGR goes bankrupt, the SGR ensures that the traveler can still use the voucher or get his or her money back.

So far, this guarantee only applied to trips booked before March 16. Tuesday it was decided to also apply the guarantee for trips that are or are booked after March 16. Read more here .

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The main corona news of today

  • 2,588 new corona infections were diagnosed last week. That is almost double the previous week (1.329). The percentage of people tested who test positive has risen from 1 percent to 2.3 percent.
  • Today, another 485 new cases of illness were reported, and the number of hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants also increased. The number of corona patients on the ICs did drop to 26.
  • Due to the rising corona figures, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge announced that they would hold a press conference on Thursday . Regional measures may be taken.
  • Amsterdam and Rotterdam will start tomorrow with a local mask, but the cities do not intend to fine people immediately. "We want to maintain coaching first ."
  • wants to fire a quarter of its staff. More than seventeen thousand people work there, of which 5,500 at the head office in Amsterdam.
  • Turkey has announced to tighten up corona measures. For example, quarantine measures will now be enforced on a daily basis and the reins at weddings and funerals will be tightened.
  • The French Scientific Council emphasizes that France may lose control of the corona virus in the short term. According to official figures, the number of new infections is increasing rapidly. The Council sees that citizens are less compliant with measures.

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