On Monday, Helsinki police announced that they were investigating a series of sexual offenses in which a man is suspected of sexually exploiting underage boys in 2018–2020.

The suspect is Tuomo Olavi Välikangas, born in 1973 and registered in Eastern Helsinki. The intermediate fabric has an exceptionally large number of similar crimes in the background and has had at least dozens of different victims in the 21st century.

Due to the man's heavy criminal history, the IS will exceptionally publish the suspect's name already at the pre-trial stage.

Välikangas has been in court for similar crimes in 2006–2007 and 2013–2014.

His approach has been very similar in all crimes. He first became acquainted with underage boys on internet discussion sites and then persuaded his victims to meet face to face. Intermediate fabric has often appeared younger than it is in online discussions. At the time, the man’s favorite website was Qruiser.com for Sexual Minorities.

The man's actions were once described in court as "consistent, planned, and continuous."

Välikangas, who had lived in the Helsinki metropolitan area for a long time, moved around Finland and, if necessary, traveled to meet his victims all the way to Lapland. The meetings took place in the man’s apartments, hotels, car, or even in the woods.

He tried to keep some of his victims quiet by giving them clothes, stuff or money, usually from a hundred euros upwards. The man also used the money to attract victims. In addition to sex acts, the crimes also involved photographing victims.

What is characteristic is that Välikangas has continued his crimes soon after he has been released on parole.

In 2006, Välikangas sentenced to the Helsinki District Court three and a half years in prison. He was released on parole in April 2008 and started a new series of sexual offenses in March 2009. The series of offenses continued until August 2012, when he was arrested and imprisoned.

On this latter occasion, the man accumulated forty victims aged 13 to 17 years.

Prosecutors demanded a maximum sentence of 13 years for Välikanka for aggravated child sexual abuse and other crimes, but in 2014 the Helsinki Court of Appeal ended up giving the man a ten-year sentence.

In any case, this was an exceptional sexual offense conviction on a Finnish scale, as the upper end of the penalty scale is rarely used.

The start date of the new suspicions in 2018 would suggest that Välikangas has continued to sexually prey on underage boys either very soon after his release from prison or perhaps even during his imprisonment.

This is difficult to assess precisely, as the IS does not know the exact time when the suspected crimes were committed or whether Välikangas has been released on parole before, for example, supervised probation. Authorities do not comment on the release of individual prisoners.

However, because of his criminal history, he has had to serve two-thirds of his imprisonment, more than six and a half years before being released on parole.

According to the Helsinki police, he is now suspected of three serious sexual abuses of a child, buying sexual services from a young person and four sexual abuses of a child.

Again, the man is suspected of getting to know the boys online. Some are suspected of having met the man, others are suspected of having exchanged sexual messages and images. The man is suspected of having committed sexual acts against the boys he met and he is also suspected of paying several boys for sexual acts and images.

Police believe there will be even more suspicions of crime during the investigation.

Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner Jutta Antikainen does not comment on the content of the interrogations or whether the man denies the criminal suspicions. Antikainen emphasizes that the investigation is at an early stage.

- There is still a huge amount of work ahead, Antikainen says.

The deadline for prosecuting the case is November this year.

If you suspect that you or your child have been the victim of a sexual offense, report it to the police. In acute situations, call the emergency number 112. Afterwards, a criminal report can be made at the nearest police station (in Helsinki, Pasila: poliisi.fi/helsinki/yhteoduction) or online: https://www.poliisi.fi/rikokset/sahkoinen_rikosilmoitus.