On Saturday night, Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) sailed to her harbor with her long-term partner Markus Räikkönen at her official residence in Kesäranta.

There were forty guests present at the private party. The private nature of the celebration is illustrated by the fact that the wedding came unexpectedly even to the ministerial group of demarches.

Those who received the invitation fell silent on the matter, and there was no desire to even make updates on social media for the party. No one revealed the wedding day in advance.

- I have to admit that even though a dune is done here with Sanna every day, in Sanna's style she had kept this in a really small circle. I didn’t know about it, Minister for Development and Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari commented to the IS on Sunday.

Only one Minister of Demarche, Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru was present at the party.

Suna Kymäläinen, Matias Mäkynen and Ilmari Nurminen were also present among the Demar MPs.

- It was a great honor to be among those invited. The wedding was absolutely lovely, intimate and touching. The weather was beautiful, as were the speeches and the wedding couple themselves, Kymäläinen told IS.

The couple who had been together for a long time could be expected to get married.

The expenses for the party on the summer beach were paid from the prime minister's own bag.

Photo: Janne Suhonen / Prime Minister's Office

The circle of friends rejoiced that the prime minister's calendar included a wedding celebration after a hard and busy spring and early summer.

The party expenses went out of the prime minister’s bag.

- It was a completely private event, ie no, Päivi Anttikoski, Director of Communications of the Government, answered the question whether the Government participated in the party's expenses.

Government Security Director Ahti Kurvinen describes that Saturday's wedding at the Prime Minister was secured by “normal security practices”. According to Kurvinen, the security arrangements did not deviate from normal.

Specifically, he does not open wedding security arrangements.

- We normally do security planning for such events, whatever the occasion. It is always done together with the authorities. This is quite normal for the Prime Minister, not anomalous.

- Although the occasion was private, the Prime Minister was present. Therefore, a normal assessment of the situation was made and security was planned for the event. Of course, the situation was monitored.

IS is told that the corona situation was also taken into account in the wedding arrangements. The Prime Minister himself recently warned of a deteriorating situation during his holiday.

- If the disease worsens, restrictions can be reintroduced, Marin wrote on Twitter.