NY stock market rises for 3 consecutive days Nasdaq stock index has reached its highest price August 5 at 5:51

The New York Stock Market Dow Average stock price on the 4th rose from expectations of additional economic measures in response to the spread of the new coronavirus. In addition, the Nasdaq stock index has reached its highest level for two consecutive days.

The New York Stock Exchange Dow Average closing price on April 4 was $26,828/47, higher than the previous day by $164.77.

The price increase has continued for 3 consecutive days.

In the US Congress, the ruling and opposition parties have been discussing additional economic measures to cope with the spread of the new coronavirus, but the buy order was preceded by the expectation that it would support the economy.

In addition, the stock market index of Nasdaq, which has many IT-related stocks, has risen for the fifth consecutive day, and has reached the highest level following the day before.

However, Microsoft, which is considering the acquisition of the American business of the video posting application "TikTok" in China, was sold on this day, after reversing from the price increase on the previous day.