Football player Mikael Forssell and his wife, Metti Forssell, a blogger and social media influencer, recently celebrated their eighth anniversary. Today, the married couple celebrated their anniversary with dinner at Hotel Kämp in Helsinki.

Over the weekend, Mikael posted a picture of the happy couple on his own Instagram account. In the same update, the ex-footballer became enthusiastic about recalling the couple’s first dates, which brought about a rather peculiar turn. Mikael says the couple headed to an Italian restaurant that night whose staff found sworn football fans.

- Exactly 8 years ago on our first date: the whole restaurant's football-loving staff came after dinner to congratulate and hug Metti because he had got me. I couldn't have put it better myself, Mikael joked and wished his wife a happy anniversary.

Metti Forssell also shared a picture of the couple's evening with their own Instagram account. In the picture, Metti poses in a white dress and the blogger’s dinner elegance spawned numerous admirable comments from his followers.

- A wonderful anniversary dinner with my loved one yesterday, Metti glowed in his caption.

Mikael and Metti Forssell met in 2012 and married in August 2014. Their firstborn, 6-year-old Lilia, had been born a few months earlier. Kuas Lucas was born on the anniversary of the couple's wedding in 2016. Recently, the Forsselli family moved from their million-home in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, to the city center.

The Forssells opened their daily family with children in Yökylä in the Maria Veitola program in January 2018. At that time, Mikael told the presenter Maria Veitola that she fell in love with blond Metti at first sight.

Mikael and Metti Forssell got married in 2014.

Photo: Joonas Salo

The duo met for the first time on the terrace of the restaurant Kappeli in the center of Helsinki. Mikael, who was out with his friends, says he saw the most beautiful woman in the world, Met, on the terrace.

- I told the friends who got stuck in their mouths, I said that there is my wife over there that I have to go now. I realized it was smart, smiling and then beautiful. That was clear to me, Mikael said at the time.