This season’s F1 championship has already been settled. This is the view of Max Verstappen, a 22-year-old Dutch star from the Red Bull stable.

According to the FormulaPassion website, Verstappen does not believe that Finnish hope Valtteri Bottas or anyone else will be able to derail Lewis Hamilton from the throne in the royal class of motorsport.

According to Verstappen, Mercedes-Benz's F1 stable is once again a superior vehicle compared to others. In addition, he takes it for granted that the battle between Mercedes drivers will end in Hamilton’s favor and Bottas will not be able to become champion.

According to FormulaPassion, Verstappen was asked directly if anyone other than Hamilton could win the championship this season. The word-ready young man's response was a knockout blow to Bottas and any other challengers - including Verstappen himself.

- No, Mr Verstappen's direct answer to the question was direct.

- Mercedes has too big an advantage, it's obvious. There may be a way somewhere to plan a good tenth of that difference, but that is not enough. I will do my best to close the gap. Next time, I’ll probably find something to do during the race so I don’t get bored. I count the sheep, Verstappen carved.

Max Verstappen (left) believes that Lewis Hamilton (center) will again leave Valtteri Bottas (right) and everyone else in his shadow.

Photo: LEONHARD FOEGER / Reuters

Verstappen has previously skimped on Finnish drivers. Last year, he noted that in addition to Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo and himself would be able to become champions in Mercedes driving. Therefore, according to the Dutchman, Bottas and Kimi Räikkönen do not belong to the top curve of the F1 series in terms of driving skills.

According to FormulaPassion, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc recently mentioned that only Bottas could cause concern for Hamilton. However, in Leclerc’s view, there is nothing to suggest a story like the 2016 season, when Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg at the time was able to defeat the British star in the championship battle.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc also gave a rather inconsolable assessment of Lewis Hamilton’s challenge, according to FormulaPassion.

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Hamilton is driving towards the seventh world championship of his career. The Briton, who is leading the World Cup series, has collected 88 points this season. Bottas, who is second, has 58 points and Verstappen, who is third, has 52 points.

The F1 season continues next weekend in Silverstone, England.