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A cat escaped surveillance by guards at a Sri Lankan prison over the weekend. The animal was intercepted this Saturday while trying to bring into the Welikada prison two grams of heroin and SIM cards, tied around its neck in a plastic bag. But the feline would have "escaped" on Sunday from the room where he was held. Prison authorities have not commented on the event.

SRI LANKA: A cat that was detained at a high-security Prison has escaped without leaving a trace.

It was on suspicion of smuggling drugs to inmates in the prison grounds.

The trained cat was detained last week trafficking two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip. pic.twitter.com/TYfdbic5ZZ

- Tanzania Updates (@TanzaniaUpdates) August 3, 2020

A social problem

For several weeks, the prison has detected an increasing number of drug packets, cell phones and phone chargers being thrown over the walls of the institution. At the end of July, Sri Lankan police even seized an eagle suspected of being used by traffickers to distribute narcotics in a suburb of Colombo.

Drugs are a major societal scourge in Sri Lanka. Agents in charge of the fight against these illegal substances were accused of having sold drugs confiscated by the police to traffickers.


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