On July 30th, customers shopped at the Duty Free Shop of Riyue Square in Haikou. Photo by our reporter Yuan Chen

Hainan’s outlying island tax-free new policy "full moon", sales increased by 240% year-on-year——

How to realize from "overseas purchase" to "hainan purchase"?

  Our reporter Zhou Xiaomeng

  "Buy, buy, buy" is a difficult thing to refuse.

  Since the implementation of the new tax exemption policy for Hainan Islands on July 1, the tax exemption limit has been increased to 100,000 yuan, and alcohol, electronic products and other categories have been added. There is no limit to the number of purchases of various tax-free categories. Consumers no longer have to use their fingers to calculate whether the total purchase price and the number of items are excessive. The New Deal releases dividends and once again set off a tax-free shopping boom.

  Statistics from the financial department show that from July 1 to 31 this year, the four outlying island duty-free shops in Hainan Province achieved a total tax-free sales of about 2.5 billion yuan, with a per capita consumption of 5,527 yuan, an increase of 240% and 82% respectively.

  What changes have been brought about by the "full moon" of the new tax-free policy on outlying islands? How far is it from "overseas purchase" to "hainan purchase"? How should the "golden sign" of tax-free islands that have been with Hainan for 9 years become more and more bright...In response to these issues, a reporter from Hainan Daily interviewed relevant departments.


Popularity and fame "double high" sales increase greatly

  2 hours, 1 million yuan.

  This is a good start for the well-known Italian jewelry brand Bulgari in the Hainan duty-free market. On July 30 this year, Bulgari officially entered the Haikou Riyue Square Duty Free Shop. This is the brand's first appearance in Haikou. Two hours after opening on the same day, its sales exceeded 1 million yuan.

  In a short period of time, sales data are converging. Statistics from the financial department show that from July 1 to 31, the sales of duty-free products with a unit price of more than 8,000 yuan were about 700 million yuan, and the number of purchases was 38,000, an increase of 503% and 339% year-on-year; tax-free products with a unit price of more than 8,000 yuan The proportion of sales increased from 15.6% in the same period last year to 27.7% this year, an increase of 10.3 percentage points compared with June this year.

  What is the performance of "newcomer" duty-free goods sales? According to statistics, in July this year, the newly added categories achieved tax-free sales of 81.97 million yuan, accounting for 3.2% of the total sales. Among them, the three most popular new categories are portable electronic products such as mobile phones, wines, and tablets. Sales accounted for 66%, 22% and 7% of the total sales of the new categories, respectively, accounting for the total increase. 95% of category sales.

  "Since the release of the new tax exemption policy on outlying islands, the number of people entering stores and sales have achieved a substantial increase. After the policy adjustment, the number of cosmetics purchased has been increased, and perfumed products are still more popular. In addition, due to the further relaxation of the policy, boutiques and Products such as watches are also favored by consumers." Insiders pointed out. With the introduction of the new tax-free policy on outlying islands, the province's "three places and four" duty-free shops have seen a considerable increase. On July 1 alone, there were more than 20,000 transactions and sales of nearly 60 million yuan.

  "The new policy for duty-free islands is one of the most'immediately' free trade port policies." said Wei Kailei, a professor at the School of Management of Hainan University. The new policy for tax-free islands will undoubtedly bring strong consumer confidence to consumers and let the general public feel more about the free trade port. The implementation of the policies is full of expectations. She pointed out that accelerating the improvement and improvement of Hainan’s outlying island tax exemption policy, greatly improving policy preferences and shopping convenience, will not only help attract overseas consumption from overseas, promote the construction of Hainan’s international tourism consumption center, and reduce China’s foreign trade deficit in services. It is helpful to promote the formation of a new development pattern in which China is dominated by the domestic cycle and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other.


Speed ​​up the realization of "three synchronizations" to make "buy, buy and buy" more enjoyable

  "Affected by the tropical depression, the Qiongzhou Strait passenger ship stopped for two days. After the voyage resumed today, we can take the purchased duty-free goods and return by boat!" On the afternoon of August 2, Ms. Lu, a tourist from other provinces, was out of the island at Haikou Xinhai Port The duty-free pick-up point said while queuing up to pick up the goods. She said frankly, "I hope I can buy more duty-free goods in Hainan in the future."

  Many tourists have the same feelings as Ms. Lu-although the current tax-free policy on outlying islands has been "upgraded", the existing tax-free product chain is updated and the variety and brand richness still need to be improved.

  "In the future, Hainan can introduce new entities for duty-free operations on outlying islands, liberalize the number of duty-free shops in outlying islands, and form a competitive landscape. After full competition, the outlying islands’ duty-free products will be very rich, and the prices of duty-free products will be comparable to those in Paris, London, Hong Kong and other cities. Merger. The above cities have high rent and labor costs for business premises, and these costs will be passed on to commodity prices, while the rent and labor costs in Hainan are much lower than those in these cities." Chief Expert and Dean of the Silk Road Research Institute (Haikou), Fudan Zhang Yong, a researcher at the University’s Shanghai Free Trade Zone Research Institute, said.

  On July 10, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Department of Commerce, and the Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued an announcement to clarify that appropriate competition will be introduced in an orderly manner and the quality of outlying island tax-free operations will be improved. The announcement pointed out that under the unified deployment and planning guidance of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the above three departments are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Finance’s "Interim Measures for the Administration of Passenger Duty Free Shopping Stores in Hainan Islands" and other relevant regulations, in accordance with the brand, variety, price and international "three The principle of "synchronization" adopts market-oriented competition methods such as bidding to select and determine the newly added Hainan outlying island duty-free shopping business entity.

  Speeding up the realization of the "three synchronizations" of brands, varieties, and prices of duty-free goods and origins is undoubtedly the key content.

  "In recent years, overseas shopping of Chinese residents has accounted for a large proportion of overseas consumption. The state has also been taking measures to encourage the return of overseas shopping to drive the return of overseas consumption. I believe that the benefits of the new outlying island tax exemption policy will be fully utilized in terms of variety and price. The advantages shown in other aspects will more effectively promote the impulse and enthusiasm of Chinese residents to shop abroad to Hainan." Analysis by Huang Shengqiang, Dean of the School of Customs and Public Administration, Shanghai Customs College.


Make good use of the policy

Polish the "Golden Sign"

  At present, relevant units are focusing on further enriching categories, optimizing structure, increasing outlets, improving services, and promoting the integration of online and offline channels, and continuously expanding the sales scale of duty-free products.

  "By optimizing product structure and brand layout, we will further adopt competitive pricing principles to ensure product supply and price advantages, enhance the attractiveness of outlying islands' duty-free policies, maintain the popularity of outlying islands' duty-free policies, and attract more tourists to Hainan. Shopping.” said Gao Xujiang, assistant to the general manager of CDFG and CDFG Sanya Duty Free Shop Co., Ltd., executive director and general manager.

  Since the introduction of the new tax exemption policy for outlying islands a month ago, not only sales data have changed, but related topics and news have also continued to emerge——

  "After the release of the new policy for duty-free islands, Ctrip's search volume for Hainan tourism increased by more than 200% month-on-month." "The Hainan Islands Duty Free Shopping Festival opens." "The General Administration of Customs issued an announcement that the use of Hainan Islands duty-free shopping for profit will be dealt with." Carry out the third round of centralized network collection campaign against smuggling through tax-free channels on Hainan’s offshore islands"...

  How to make good use of policies is a question that needs to be considered. Huang Shengqiang reminded that from the perspective of "controllable", it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of tax-free shopping, that is, to ensure that the outlying island tax-free policy truly serves to attract tourism and vacations, to ensure that the duty-free items are actually outlying islands, and that the duty-free items are used for shopping themselves and their family members Consumption, etc., so that this policy can be implemented healthily and effectively.

  Wei Kailei made suggestions to increase Hainan's characteristic tourism attractions, enrich Hainan's characteristic tourism consumer products, and cultivate first-class tourism service standards. "If'Hainangou' can provide sufficient and preferential duty-free goods, world-class shopping experience and services, then the transition from'overseas shopping' to'hainan shopping' is just around the corner." Wei Kailei said. (Haikou News on August 3)