The NHL playoff Toronto-Columbus match saw a dangerous-looking injury in Finnish time on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

With only two minutes left in the match, Toronto’s Jake Muzzin, who lost his balance as a result of his opponent’s crossbar, slammed his head ahead of Columbus ’Oliver Bjorkstrand’s knee.

The situation did not immediately look particularly dramatic. Shortly after the collision, Muzzin tried to stand up but could not get up.

He jumped up to sit on the ice, and the team doctor rushed to the scene. This placed Muzzin lying on the ice and supported his neck.

Soon, ten other background people arrived on the scene, including the first aid staff of the hall with their stretchers.

Medical personnel surrounded a 31-year-old Canadian defender who had been immobile in the ice for more than ten minutes until he was carried on a stretcher out of the trough.

Throughout the procedure, the hall was mouse-quiet and the players of both teams watched the situation around their substitutes, which seemed serious.

However, immediately after the quake, Muzzin moved both his arms and legs.

Maple Leafs announced after the match that Muzzin has been transported to the hospital. He was conscious and able to move his limbs.

- We all pray for him. There are much bigger things than hockey, ”Toronto’s Mitch Marner, meanwhile, said at a news conference.

Toronto himself won the match 3-0 and tied the three-win series to 1-1.

Photo: Andre Ringuette / AFP / Lehtikuva

Photo: Andre Ringuette / AFP / Lehtikuva

Photo: Andre Ringuette / AFP / Lehtikuva