“Their historical homeland is Muscovy, I really want them to feel comfortable there. We packed the bungalows - and went there, ”RIA Novosti quotes her.

According to Farion, the term “Russian-speaking population” is a common cliche, and those who consider themselves to be “whiners and marginals”.

She also noted that Russian-speaking Ukrainians did not have enough 30 years to "Ukrainize".

"Maybe they need ten more, like the one Moses who walked in the desert (they say he was looking for oil), so that they finally realize?" - added Farion.

According to the ex-deputy of the Rada, "every Russian-speaking in Ukraine is the main trophy (of Russian President Vladimir - RT ) Putin."

“They shoot us with their tongue,” she concluded.

In April 2019, Farion called the Russian-speaking citizens of the country “slaves” and “occupiers”.