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04 August 2020 The EU Commission has approved the Italian voucher scheme, a total of 200 million, to help low-income families access broadband services. The regime intends to support those with low incomes to purchase broadband services with data download speeds of at least 30 megabits per second. The vouchers also cover the offer - by the same TLC operator - of the necessary equipment, such as a tablet or PC.  

The measure aims to allow families to be able to telework and access services, educational and other, provided online by schools, universities, public service providers and businesses.

Voucher does not violate policies
Italy has notified the support measure to the Commission to assess it in accordance with EU state aid rules. The Commission has found that the scheme, which is primarily intended for households, constitutes at the same time State aid for telecommunications service operators, who will be able to offer such services on existing broadband infrastructures and will provide the necessary equipment. (computer and / or tablet).

The Commission therefore considered the measure under the state aid rules and found that the measure will be technologically neutral. Families will in fact be able to use the voucher to sign up for any new generation broadband access service (NGA) with the operator of their choice.

Furthermore, there will be no discrimination based on the origin of the telecommunications operator or on the origin of the products. Any telecommunications operator capable of providing eligible NGA broadband services and the necessary end-user equipment to eligible families will have the opportunity to offer their services.

Italy will also have to take the necessary measures to avoid undue distortions of competition, in particular to verify that the regime is not used to simply replace existing subscriptions to NGA broadband services. On this basis, the Commission concluded that the scheme complies with EU state aid rules and contributes to the strategic objectives defined in the European Digital Agenda and in the communication "Towards a European Gigabit society". 

Conte: internet fundamental right
Just yesterday the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in Cerignola, declared: "We must invest more in Italy than ultra broadband. If we were to rewrite the Constitution, my concern would be to insert the fundamental right of access to the Internet, to telematic technologies because today the social divide also passes from there ".