China News Service, August 4 According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report, on August 3, local time, three hot air balloons fell to the ground in Wyoming, USA, causing as many as 20 injuries.

  According to reports, a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration said that shortly after 8 am that day, the hot air balloon "has a hard landing under unknown circumstances" in Teton near Jackson in western Wyoming.

  Teton County Sheriff Matt Carr said that emergency responders treated 16 to 20 people and no one has died.

  A local hospital also confirmed that as of noon on August 3, the hospital had received 10 wounded from the hot air balloon accident. The hospital said that 2 people were admitted, 3 people are still under evaluation, and 5 people have been treated and discharged.

  According to reports, the passenger Phillips was on a hot air balloon ride with his wife and three children. He stated that he first saw the other two hot air balloons fall, and then the hot air balloon he was in also fell to the ground and overturned, and was dragged about 200 yards (about 180 meters) before stopping.

  "People are screaming and weeping. It's horrible." Phillips said that his daughter fainted, his son had a concussion, and his wife's ribs were "very likely" fractured.

  Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident. Carl said the accident may be related to the weather.