According to Indian media reports, the death toll of fake alcohol in Punjab has risen to 111. A major breakthrough has also been made in the detection of the fake liquor case in Punjab. One of the main perpetrators of the fake liquor case, the owner of a paint shop in Ludhiana, Punjab, was arrested.

  Punjab police released information on the 4th that the police arrested Rajeev Joshi, the owner of the paint shop in Ludhiana on the night of the 3rd. The suspect confessed that he had provided three barrels of methanol to the next family to make fake wine. Punjab police have arrested a total of 40 people involved in the counterfeit wine production and sale incident.

  Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that if any political figures or civil servants are found to be implicated in the tragedy of fake alcohol, they will be severely punished. He expressed his intention to eradicate local underground gangs that produce and sell fake liquor.

  In the past 24 hours, the Punjab police have carried out a nationwide search of fake wines. A total of 184 people were arrested in 238 new and old cases related to the production and sale of fake wines. In the surprise investigation of key areas, a total of 5,943 liters of illegal spirits and 8 stills for making fake liquor were confiscated.

  Most of the deaths caused by fake alcohol in India are inextricably linked to methanol. In February 2020, the fake alcohol case in Assam resulted in 168 deaths, the fake alcohol case in Uttar Pradesh in February 2019 resulted in 97 deaths, and the Bombay fake alcohol case caused 102 deaths in June 2015. At present, methanol is easily available in the Indian market. It is widely used in many industrial productions, such as the manufacture of varnishes and other products. (Headquarters reporter Wang Jianbing)