The World Health Organization has called for compliance with the protocols and regulations in effect when developing a vaccine against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), after Russia promised to produce "millions" of vaccine doses in early 2021, while WHO experts conducted with scientists in Wuhan, the city that China reported the first outbreak of the virus, discussions about the origin of the virus.

"Any vaccine and any medication for this purpose must, of course, be subject to all different tests and tests, before agreeing to publish it," WHO spokesman Christian Lindemeyer said in response to a question about the Russian statements.

He added, during a press conference via the Internet, that "there are clear guidelines and directives, and regulations, to get things done in a safe and effective way."

He continued: «Sometimes individual researchers claim that they found something, and this of course is good news. "But there is a big difference between finding a successful vaccine and obtaining the ability to have a successful vaccine after passing all the steps." He stressed that the WHO "has not seen anything official, until now."

And Russia announced, the day before yesterday, that three biomedical companies will be able to produce a vaccine, prepared by the Research Laboratory for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Nikolai Gamalia, starting in September, in large quantities.

"According to preliminary estimates, we will be able to provide hundreds of thousands of vaccines a month, starting this year, and then several million at the beginning of next year," the Russian trade minister told Tass news agency.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, which cooperates with the Gamalia Center, confirmed that clinical trials of soldiers clearly showed an apparent immune response to the emerging corona virus, "without side effects or unusual."

On the other hand, Lindmeier said that the WHO team in China, which is investigating the origin of the emerging corona virus, had "extensive discussions" with scientists in Wuhan, the city where the first outbreak was detected.

Scientists and governments around the world are awaiting the results of the World Health Organization investigation, especially Washington, which has gathered strong support for the team.

Lindmeier stated that the talks included updates regarding animal health research. He added, "The team held extensive talks with its Chinese counterparts, and received updates on epidemiological studies, biological and genetic analyzes, and animal health research," adding that the talks included video interviews with scientists and virologists in Wuhan.

The preparatory mission, which includes two animal health experts and an epidemiologist, which lasts for three weeks, is tasked with preparing for the mission of a larger team of Chinese and international scientists, who will seek to discover how the virus causing the "Covid-19" disease has crossed the barrier of strains, and moved from animal to human .

The organization says the virus probably came from the bats, and may have had another animal medium. China closed the wild animal market in Wuhan with the outbreak beginning, a day after it was discovered that some of the infected people were selling or buying from the market.

The director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, warned, the day before yesterday, that "there is no magic solution currently for the epidemic, and there may be no solution at all." He added: «Clinical trials give us hope. This does not necessarily mean that we will have an effective vaccine. ” His statements came at a time when more than 150 vaccines are being developed in various parts of the world, including 25 vaccines that have entered the testing stages in humans.

• WHO experts discuss with Wuhan scientists how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans.

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