Over 70 people died and 3,700 were injured in a massive explosion in Lebanon's capital, Beirut. There seems to have been an explosion in the port's explosive warehouse, but the damage to our population has not been confirmed.

I am a reporter.


Smoke explodes all over the place with the explosion.

The rise of a black pillar of fire reminds me of a nuclear explosion.

Two large explosions occurred yesterday (4 days) at 6:30 pm local time in the explosives depot at the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

Building windows and balconies broke in an explosion that shook the ground, and the streets are full of injured citizens and building debris.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health says at least 70 people have been killed and more than 3,700 injured.

Explosives were expected to increase further, as the explosion was so loud that even the island of Cyprus, 180km northwest of Beirut, was heard.

[Paris Sharawi/Beirut Citizen: When I heard the explosion and went to see what happened, there was an unexpected second explosion. The window exploded in front of me.] At the

scene of the explosion, 10 firefighters were also missing.

The Lebanese Red Cross called for an urgent blood donation, and the Lebanese Prime Minister declared the day a "mourning day."

The exact cause of the accident has not been identified, but Lebanese officials said in an interview that the old explosives that had been seized several years ago appear to have burst.

In Lebanon, as of January, there were 188 Koreans in total, but there have been no reports of damages reported to the Foreign Ministry.