US Trump President TikTok Negotiations Agreement Agreed by September 15 at 7:17 on August 4

President Trump of the United States has shown that he will ban business in the United States unless negotiations for the acquisition of Microsoft by a major IT company for the application "TikTok" provided by a Chinese company are reached by September 15th. It was

Regarding TikTok, a major IT company, Microsoft, is proceeding with negotiations to acquire the business while the Trump administration is considering a ban in the United States because it may be misused by China.

On this, President Trump said yesterday that "a large safe company in the United States may buy it," and he said he would allow the acquisition by other companies that he has not agreed with.

In addition, President Trump said, "If Microsoft and others can not close the deal, we will not be able to do business on September 15," and if the acquisition by the American company does not reach an agreement by September 15, "TikTok" He showed the idea of ​​banning business in the United States.

For the time being, the Trump administration has forgotten the ban on "TikTok," but depending on the negotiations going forward, there is a possibility that strong measures will be taken, and the whereabouts of the acquisition negotiations will be watched.