China News Service, August 3, reported that on the morning of the 2nd local time, tropical storm "Isaias" continued to approach the east coast of Florida, USA. The storm brought heavy rain and strong winds to the Bahamas. Florida, North Carolina and Virginia have declared states of emergency.

Data map: On July 26, local time, in Port Mansfield, Texas, USA, after the hurricane, an old couple was investigating the damage to the house.

  "Isaias", which had previously reached hurricane intensity, weakened into a tropical storm on the evening of the 1st local time.

  It is estimated that on the 3rd "Isaias" will bring 20 centimeters of rain to the northwest of the Bahamas, and 15 centimeters of rain in northeastern Florida. "Isaias" has cut off electricity and destroyed trees in parts of the Bahamas. Tornadoes may occur in South Carolina and North Carolina. By halfway through this week, New England may be attacked.

  According to reports, "Isaias" may have moved to Jacksonville or Daytona Beach on the morning of the 4th local time. After that, the storm will return to the sea, passing Georgia Asia, and then into North and South Carolina.

  "Isaias" will speed up and move to the northeast. By the evening of the 4th local time, New York may usher in heavy rains and coastal floods.