On the Sunday before the British GP, familiar anti-racist gestures were seen on the Silverstone starting line. Most of the drivers knelt to support the promotion of equality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, unlike in the three previous races, the Haas stable Danish driver Kevin Magnussen did not kneel.

Magnussen said in a story on the Dutch site AD that he no longer felt comfortable doing the kneeling because he did not support all the political goals associated with the topic.

- I do not fully support the views of the Black Lives Matter. But I am against racism, and I think it should be got rid of. That’s why I knelt down at first, 27-year-old Magnussen said.

Magnussen joined Alfa Romeo's Kimi Räikkönen and Red Bull's Max Verstappen, among others, in a group that did not kneel before the race. However, at the opening ceremonies of the British GP, everyone wore, as usual, shirts that read “End Racism”.

"I think every driver and person can express their own thoughts the way they want," Magnussen summed up.

Magnussen’s race at Silverstone on Sunday ended with a brief Danish crash with Red Bull team Alexander Albon.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / ZUMAPRESS.com

In addition to Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, who leads the World Series, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has criticized the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and race organizers for not supporting drivers adequately in the fight against racism and inequality.

- We do not organize competitions, so I do not think this is only in our interests. After the first race, the FIA ​​rejected us because they no longer helped us organize the campaign, Vettel criticized, according to AD.

However, the FIA ​​had taken its luck out of the drivers ’wishes, as the opening ceremonies in the British GP went more smoothly. The AD website says that before the British GP, drivers were given 17 minutes more time to carry out the gestures they wanted.

As usual, the drivers wore End Racism shirts and many of them knelt in the spirit of Black Lives Matter before the start of the British GP.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma / MVPhotos