In Denmark, the authorities are concerned about the resurgence of coronavirus cases. According to the Swedish news agency TT, more than 200 new coronavirus infections were diagnosed in the country during the weekend, compared to just over a hundred the previous weekend.

The increase is also significant compared to previous weeks in the summer. According to TT, the number of coronary patients treated in the hospital has increased from six to twenty-four last week, ie quadrupled.

The Danish figures have been affected by the widespread corona epidemic observed at a slaughterhouse in Ringsted in the eastern part of the country, in which at least 79 people connected to the plant had contracted coronary heart disease.

Compared to neighboring Sweden, Denmark's interest rates are low, but the situation is still a cause for concern. Last week, the country’s health authorities ended up recommending the use of a mask as a new measure in situations where keeping distances is not possible.

"The spread of infections is at a steadily low level, but as it rises, we must be careful to avoid a second wave," says Lars Østergaard, chief physician at Aarhus University Hospital.