Filming for Class Meeting 3, directed by Renny Harlin, has finally come to an end. In honor of that, the success director has some great news from the fall work front.

- I'm going to Bulgaria on Sunday to shoot a new movie, Harlin is happy for IS.

This is an American action movie called Ninja Fury. The favorable job offer came as a complete surprise to the instructor.

- Until two weeks ago examining whether to take the next south of France or Spain, however, when I'm going out of Finland. The plans were to develop the company's own projects during the autumn.

Renny Harlin’s summer has been spent filming Classroom 3.

Photo: Emmi Korhonen

When Harlin was cottage in the archipelago, he got a call from behind the ocean.

- I was sitting in a cottage on a cliff when a familiar American producer asked when my current descriptions would end. He offered me a new screenplay, which I read from the same seat and which is set to be worked on as a film immediately.

Pre-production of the new film will begin next week and filming will begin in October. Harlin doesn't have much time to take a vacation, but it doesn't bother the top director, because the new production is a dream come true for him.

- I have throughout the course of my career trusted in fate and I do not have had a steady job in my life. You never know where the wind is going, and the finger of fate came into play again.

Class Meeting 3 will be seen in movie theaters next year.

Photo: Emmi Korhonen

On Saturday, the Class Meeting production celebrates the karonka, after which Harlin jumps on the plane. According to Bulgaria, the son Luke, who has received a spark in the field, is leaving. Speaking of Luke, Renny moves immediately.

- our relationship was interrupted when you've been on the road. Luke has been with me in Finland, but this is the first time we have spent several months together.

- Now our relationship has been built on a stone's foot for the rest of our lives.

Influenced in the United States and China, Renny Harlin has directed the blockbusters Nightmare on Elm Street 4 - The Lord of the Dreams, Die Hard 2, and Cliffhanger, among others. Harlin last filmed a film in Finland 34 years ago. Class meeting his first Finnish film.

According to his father, Luke leaves for Bulgaria.

Photo: Emmi Korhonen

Class Meeting 3 is a sequel to the hugely popular Class Meeting and Class Meeting 2 - Stag parties, which have received a total of more than 800,000 viewers in movie theaters. Like previous films, the film is starring Sami Hedberg, Aku Hirviniemi and Jaajo Linnonmaa. The film will be seen on the big screen in 2021.