The interest rate pandemic has punished the music industry with a tough hand. Not only artists but also band workers and backgrounds such as frosters and technicians have found themselves in a bad situation. Now, Nightwish’s employees have done something very exceptional - namely, recording their own album.

The band’s employees have recorded their interpretations of Nightwish’s five hit songs and put them together on an album. They release the album Unemployed Blacksmiths under the name Crewish, the sales revenue of which is directed directly to the band's employees.

- Special times bring about special ideas - and that's exactly what our dear staff has come up with! Unemployed Blacksmiths includes their interpretation of five songs from Nightwish. Everything is what they play, sing and record. It will definitely bring a smile to your face, Nightwish's frontman Tuomas Holopainen will glow on the band's Facebook page.

- Recent events have hit our industry hard, so if you want to support our employees in a concrete way, now is the time. All proceeds from the album go directly to our technicians - the band or record company doesn’t apply for a cent. Thank you and stay safe, Holopainen comments.

In addition, a Crewish fan shirt is on sale. Crewish has also set up its own Facebook page.

The release got Nightwish fans excited. They think the idea is just great, and many said they placed an order from Nightwish’s online store.

- It's unbelievable that you've accomplished something like this. Nightwish employees' own album! You are a fantastic and crazy outfit. This news saved my day, one of the fans glows.

- It's great to see the band support their own in difficult times. They definitely need this! another commented.

- Hi, I have an important question: is Crewish going to perform on your tour as a so-called backing band? the third threw.

The band hose back to the questioner with a smile of laughter:

- Should we then switch to their roles?

Tuomas Holopainen encourages fans to support the band's employees.

Photo: Rio Gandara / HS

Despite the difficult times, Nightwish has also received good news, namely the band recently received a significant tribute. In July, it was reported that a new species of crab has been named after Nightwish. Fossils of the long-lived crab species were recently found in Austria, and the new crab species was named “Tanidromites nightwishorum”. In July, Nightwish commented on its Facebook page that it was a tribute to the band and especially to the 2015 album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, which tells the story of the evolution of life.

At that time, Tuomas Holopaisen told IS that the band was very taken in honor.

- When I heard about it, I screamed out with joy. Such a tribute is one of the best things that can happen to a band. Through this, too, we have got our names in the history books, so yes this warms the mind, keyboardist-composer Holopainen rejoiced.

  • Quite an honor for Nightwish: got into the history of science - Tuomas Holopainen screamed with joy